Jim Wolf

Jim Wolf is an American singer-songwriter who was born and raised an hour outside New York City. Wolf has broadly toured the United States and parts of Asia, and is best known for his 2012 single, “Make You My Lady”, which has achieved great commercial success in South Korea.

Wolf began playing music in high school after being inspired by his older brother’s band that, at the time, featured a young talent by the name of John Mayer. After college, Wolf became a professional musician and later moved to Brooklyn where he wrote and recorded “Make You My Lady” as part of an EP called Strange, Weird, and Romantic Part I. After it’s 2012 release, Wolf toured the U.S., but saw no major commercial success for the album until the song hit the charts in South Korea, nearly two years later.

“Make You My Lady” has topped the Asian streaming charts such as MNET (#29 in 2014), BUGS, GENIE, and MELON (peaked at #3 January 2019), and has appeared in more than 30 TV shows across Asia including several popular K-Drama and Variety shows such as My Secret Romance, Heart Signal, and IZ*ONE CHU.

How Wolf’s music found its way to the South Korean audience remains a mystery. The first big placement for “Make You My Lady” dates back to 2014, when the song was used as background music in a wedding ceremony video for Chae Rim and Gao ZiQi. From there, the song has been a steady feature across streaming services, television, and popular music charts.

In addition to Strange, Weird, and Romantic Part I, Wolf has released 6 other albums and had 5 singles also receive attention on the South Korean and Chinese charts. Wolf continues to write, record, and produce music from his NY-Metro area homebase. He frequently plays shows in the U.S., and has had a handful of placements on CBS’ The Young And The Restless.

In summer 2018, Wolf joined Andreas Oberg at KCON New York as a guest panelist on ‘The Art of K-Pop Music Design’, and he was also interviewed by Emma Chang (Umu) from “ReacttotheK.” In June 2019, American singer-songwriter Jim Wolf kicked off his South Korean tour by performing his latest single “Can’t Get Away From You” on the #1 radio station in South Korea, TBS Radio. A series of festival and club shows in and around Seoul - including a memorable performance for U.S. Troops through the USO - followed.


NEW SINGLE OUT - Listen to Jim Wolf’s live folk rendition of Guns N’ Roses "November Rain” - Live At The Fairfield Theater Company - is now streaming everywhere!

NEW SINGLE OUT - Listen to Jim Wolf’s live folk rendition of Guns N’ Roses "November Rain” - Live At The Fairfield Theater Company - is now streaming everywhere!





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“Make You My Lady” currently holds a Top 40 status in Korea for nearly the last 2 years, peaking at #2 on the Melon Music Charts (Korea’s No.1 Streaming Service) for the week of 1/14/2019- 1/20/2019 and #3 position for the week prior and following.

#2 On The Melon Music Chart [January 2019]

#2 On The Melon Music Chart [January 2019]

In August of 2018, “Make You My Lady” is seen here charting above some of the biggest names in music: Jason Aldean, and Kacey Musgraves' both with brand new albums, (as seen here August 2018) and continues to surpass them to this day. “Make You My Lady” has been used over 30 popular TV broadcasts in South Korea, including “My Secret Romance”, “Heart Signal 2”, and “What Is Mom?”

Jason Aldean down by 10.jpg

Despite the success of his music in South Korea and a rapidly-growing, loyal fanbase, Wolf has yet to tour the region, something he plans to do in 2019. In the meantime, he continues to perform in the US and record and release new music regularly, others songs by Wolf have aired on ‘The Young And The Restless’ and Chinese Variety Television Shows as well, and it’s no surprise that he has thousands of fans in Asia longing for more.

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More About Jim Wolf:

Jim Wolf, American Singer/Songwriter and Producer has 6 albums to his credit and is best known for his self-produced hit song “Make You My Lady”, which landed at #29 on MNET K-Pop chart and #44 on MNET International chart and is currently at #25 on Melon’s Country / Folk / Blues chart, where it has maintained Top 100 status for the last year. Wolf’s music has been featured on Heart Signal 2 (하트시그널 시즌 2) - Episode 4 and 8 (2018), My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) - Episode 11 (2017) , and The Young & The Restless (2017).

Jim Wolf’s independence and drive are what’s kept him going non stop since 2007, helped him complete five studio albums since then and taken him around the United States and Asia to concert halls, coffee shops, and colleges.

EARLY LIFE AND NAME DROPS: After watching his older brother Rich Wolf make four track recordings with an undiscovered John Mayer in the family's basement (via. Villanova Junction), Jim found himself inspired to embark upon his own musical career. Wolf’s music has since been featured on MTV, VH1, E!, Oxygen, and The Young & The Restless, and the very popular South Korean and Chinese TV dramas and Variety Shows, including My Secret Romance, Heart Signal, including the premier of the Pop Idol Show IZ ONE CHU. Wolf has performed his vocal driven pop-rock alongside artists like The Alternate Routes, Ryan Cabrera, Chris Thile of The Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek, Clark Beckham, Nick Fradiani, Charlie Lim, Big Dume consisting of Brandon Jenner (with Leah Jenner), and The Samples, at the same time received nominations for the American Songwriter Awards and multiple International Acoustic Music Awards.